Dua Lipa Announces Self-Curated Lifestyle Platform Service95 After Versace Runway Debut

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Hot on the heels of her runway debut at Milan Fashion Week, Dua Lipa is announcing a new exciting project. After opening for Versace's spring/summer 2022 show, the 26-year-old British singer, songwriter, and model will be pouring all of her fashion acumen and more into her own lifestyle platform set to launch early next year.

Called Service95, Dua's online hub will be curated by the artist herself, bringing together style tips, travel and movie recommendations, up-and-coming artists, as well as stories and perspectives you're not likely to read anywhere else, the "Levitating" singer disclosed on Instagram and Twitter.

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As one of the most well-traveled superstars on the planet, Dua is a perfect fit for taking on the role of "lifestyle guru," Vogue points out.

The singer, who already shares all of her latest discoveries about fashion, food, travel, music, books, and movies with her friends and family, is hoping to impart her knowledge to as many people outside of her inner circle via the Service95 platform.

“All my friends and family, wherever they travel in the world – even if they’re just there for one night – they’ll text me to ask what they should do,” she told Vogue in an exclusive interview. “I’m their go-to person for recommendations.”

The Name

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Comprising a free weekly newsletter, website, and a podcast aptly titled At Your Service, Dua's new platform was born out of the artist's habit of making lists of her favorite things and sharing them with the people she loves.

Taking to social media on November 23 to post a video about her latest venture, the "Cold Heart" singer detailed that Service95 will bring together "words, stories, cultural recommendations,” as well as "a plethora of global voices that I love and trust” from within the worlds of fashion, beauty, the arts, politics, and global issues.

The Future Nostalgia pop star also revealed the inspiration behind her new hub's name: her year of birth, 1995, and the fact that she's always seen herself "as someone who is of service to my fans and my followers."

Watch the video below.

The Goal

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Dua, who says she's an avid reader, hopes her new lifestyle platform will give people access to thought-provoking "stories, information, thoughts, perspectives, and conversations" they wouldn't find elsewhere.

“I've dreamed about this for so long,” she tells Vogue, revealing the online hub and podcast will serve as a means of expression for "lots of different voices, interesting articles, and my own personal note about what I’ve been up to and what I’ve discovered.”

Going back to her Instagram post, Dua teased the goal of her new platform, telling viewers what to expect.

"Powerful articles from the world’s most compelling voices will live alongside savvy social commentary, laugh-out-loud feature-writing, and left-of-center recommendations for anything from late-night snacks to the best in-flight music for long-haul trips," she wrote in the lengthy caption accompanying her presentation video.

The Mission

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Aside from dispensing fashion advice and discussing pop culture, Service95 will also focus on "the important work of activists bringing to light causes and complex world issues we should all be talking about," Dua wrote on Instagram.

“For young people, looking at the news can be quite intense,” she told Vogue. “You want to help but you don’t really know how to help. I want to help give young people the tools to make a difference.”

Speaking about her forthcoming podcast, the British singer unveiled the guest list will include many of her A-list friends, as well as grassroots activists aiming to break down pressing issues in an accessible way.

“That element is really important to me,” she said. "The whole idea is sharing information and helping each other.”

Service95 is slated to go live in January 2022.