Inside Chanel West Coast's $1.65 Million Hollywood Hills Home

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Ridiculousness star Chanel West Coast is positively in love with her new Los Angeles home. The 33-year-old rapper and MTV host splashed $1.6 million for the 2,600-square-foot Hollywood Hills residence back in November 2019, excitedly telling InTouch this was the largest house she's ever lived in.

In a YouTube video tour with the magazine last year, the Fantasy Factory alum proudly showed off the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom dwelling in the Hollywood Dell neighborhood, talking viewers through all the decor changes she's made since she moved in.

Pictures of the home also populate her Instagram feed, with the L.A. native posing charmingly in the stylish interiors. Check it out below.

Palm Tree-Themed Living Room

InTouch | YouTube

Greeting visitors as they step inside, West Coast's open-concept living room is decorated in classy black-and-white tones, with a vibrant palm tree-print wallpaper adding color and personality to the space. This is where the singer spends most of her time, per her own admission, creating music and entertaining friends.

The dual palette extends to the adjacent kitchen, with white-oak cabinetry making her black sink pop. The star also takes pride in her black-interior refrigerator and "expensive" black paper towels, which she admitted are "just for show."

"When somebody comes over here and tries to use them I instantly pull the white ones out of the cupboard," she humorously shared in the video.

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Lavish Closet Space

InTouch | YouTube

Among the home's many comfortable amenities is a finished basement with a large laundry room and temperature-controlled storage area. Skylit hallways lead up to two ensuite bedrooms, with a third one downstairs. There's also a two-car garage and a private balcony attached to the master bedroom.

Another thing West Coast is in no shortage of is closet space. The house features two large closets that are big enough to film TikTok videos in, as seen below. The one downstairs houses her sneakers and wig collection, as well as plenty of outfits from the star's own clothing line, LOL CARTEL. The master closet is where she keeps all of her Louboutins.

"It's not my dream closet just yet," acknowledged West Coast. "I really want to have a closet like Kim Kardashian where it looks like you're at the YSL store in the mall. That's a dream closet, but this is the best closet I've ever had."

Favorite Room

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West Coast's favorite room in the entire house is the master bedroom, which she had completely redone. Papered in pink-and-turquoise for a "tropical, California vibe," this is the "best room" she's "ever had," with a walk-in shower and loads of bathroom counter space ranking it at the top of her preferences. A pink neon sign that fittingly says "It was all a dream" hangs above her bed.

Prior to taking up residence in the Hollywood Hills abode, the star lived in one- and two-bedroom apartments, per The List.

Before furbishing her upstairs sanctuary, the Love & Hip Hop star slept in the downstairs guest bedroom for a time -- one decorated in lavish golden accents, where she now keeps her old bedroom set. She even hung up two dreamcatchers there, "for ghosts and bad dreams."

Custom-Made Pool

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Built in 1954, the house was extensively renovated in 2018, one year before West Coast's tenure began. The star has since added a number of custom features to the .18-acre property, with the most prominent being the outdoor swimming pool.

The fully landscaped backyard includes a terrace equipped with chic black-and-white lounging furniture. There's also a custom-built fire fit complete with a bench area, where she enjoys hanging out with friends at parties.

Watch West Coast give a tour of her Hollywood Dell home on YouTube.