February 21, 2021
Donald Trump Jr.'s 'Wall Of Guns' Rant Reignites Cocaine Rumors
Donald Trump Jr. speaks at CPAC.
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Donald Trump Jr. released a clip to Twitter on Sunday in which he slammed teacher's unions in front of a "wall of guns," Raw Story reported. 

The demeanour of the businessman sparked unsubstantiated accusations of cocaine use, which have been lobbed at him in the past.

"How much cocaine do you think @DonaldJTrumpJr does on a daily basis?" tweeted writer Ron Clements.

"The only subject he’s qualified to even talk about is cocaine and that’s why we have TikTok," tweeted podcaster Brandon Farmahini.

Raw Story also noted that the video was reminiscent of freshman congresswoman Lauren Boebert recent video in front of her guns.

Trump Jr. Has Faced Accusations Of Cocaine Use Before
Trump Jr. speaks in front of an American flag.
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Trump Jr. has been accused of using cocaine on many occasions, which has turned his alleged use into somewhat of a meme. As The Inquisitr reported, his "dancing jaw" during an appearance on Fox News last year ignited social media jokes suggesting that he is using the stimulant.

Elsewhere, Trump Jr.'s speech at the Republican National Convention sparked similar rumors due to his high energy. However, the businessman brushed off the accusations during a subsequent interview with Fox News' Steve Doocy and chalked up his demeanor to the lighting of the event. 

Trump Jr. Has Criticized People Who Repeat The Rumor
Donald Trump Jr. pats his father on the back.
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During his interview with Doocy, Trump Jr. slammed people who suggest he uses cocaine. According to the political activist, people are using the accusations to avoid talking about the substance of his claims. In addition, the businessman pointed to the past drug use of Democrat Joe Biden's son, who is a recovering addict.

Others have also criticized the accusations of cocaine use aimed at Trump Jr.

"btw, Cocaine is trending as Trump obsessed leftists who are  still mentally disturbed months after the election are Ironically called Don Jr a coke head. See how hypocrisy works? I expose the easily and hourly enraged nutjobs!" one user tweeted on Sunday.

Trump Jr. Used The Video To Attack Teachers Unions
Donald Trump Jr. speaks at an event.
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As reported by Newsweek, Trump Jr. used his controversial video to criticize teachers unions that have expressed support for a slowed timeline for reopening American schools amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"The teachers unions are  out of control & are destroying our kid’s futures!" he tweeted alongside the video. 

Newsweek underlined that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and National Education Association (NEA) — the two largest teachers unions in the country — have both supported a slower timeline for reopening public classrooms in the United States. They have received support from local teachers inions, which have continued to push for later reopening dates across America.

The Topic Of Reopening Schools Is A Controversial One
An empty classroom with chairs atop the desks.
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With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to grip the United States, the topic of reopening schools is a contentious one. According to The indy100, Democrat Joe Biden's administration has been "somewhat inconsistent" on the issue. Although the head of state said his goal is to reopen schools by April 30, he recently claimed that he would only do so for classrooms up to the 8th Grade level.

Along with his father, Trump Jr. and many in the Republican Party have pushed for a reopening of U.S. schools — along with the country's economy.