Rachael Ray Shares Emotional Video Where She Visits Her Late Dog Isaboo's Gravesite

Lucille Barilla

Rachael Ray shared an emotional video on the Instagram page for her television show, where she visited her late dog Isaboo's gravesite. The clip, in which the Food Network star got visibly choked up, has been viewed close to 30,000 times thus far, among the account's 606,000 followers.

Prior to the visit, Rachael stood in the home she shares with her husband, John Cusimano, and spoke directly to her viewers.

In the clip, she stated that she was going to share with them a little tree she put up on her property for Isaboo, for this first Christmas without her. It was then that Rachael began to tear up.

"Here's our baby," said Rachael as she brushed snow off of a bronze plaque that had an image of Isaboo's face with a flower crown atop her head etched on it.

The talk show host then called her beloved dog an "angel."

In May of this year, Rachael uploaded an Instagram post -- seen here -- in which she shared that while quarantining at their home in upstate New York, the gorgeous 15-year-old animal passed in their arms after a lengthy illness.

The camera panned upward to a tree that Rachael and John had placed above the gravesite. It was decorated with small white lights, a red ribbon, and a series of small, stuffed animals at its base.

The clip that immediately followed was a look at the couple's outdoor decorations, which included small, decorated fir plants outside their front door, a swag atop a garage, and a gorgeous green wreath that was hung on her door. Beyond the entryway, Rachael said her landscaper added simple white lights to a series of trees around the property.

She showed off a bronze deer family that was given to the couple by her mom, Elsa, which was near a lovely antique sled purchased that John gave his wife. The back door to the kitchen area was also decorated with holiday trees as well as what used to be their garage, which has since been converted into an office and den.

Rachael's fans added their commentary to the touching video that paid tribute to the couple's beloved family member.

"That was hard to watch! What a beautiful gravesite! Our pets touch our hearts in such a deep way!" responded one follower.

"I really felt that. You're baby knew how much she was loved. What a beautiful resting place," penned a second fan.

"I got choked up... our fur babies are everything," remarked a third Instagram user.

"Thank you for sharing your home and life. You are a genuine person. Happy holidays," wrote a fourth fan.