'Sports Illustrated's' 'Curviest Model' Hunter McGrady Poses With Sister Michaela In NYC Winter Wonderland

Lucille Barilla

Sports Illustrated's "curviest model" Hunter McGrady posed with her gorgeous sister Michaela in a New York City winter wonderland setting. The two wore stunning holiday dresses as they stood in front of the legendary steakhouse Delmonico's located in lower Manhattan.

The siblings donned contrasting colors but equally stunning formal looks for the snap. The body-accenting dresses were the same, but the overall look was completely different.

On the left, Michaela wore a black dress that had spaghetti straps and a full-coverage top. A panel at her midsection was sheer. This was connected to a chiffon bottom with a wide skirt that she held out appreciatively. The model's red hair was cut into a long, shoulder-length bob and fashioned into a deep side-part.

Hunter's long, blond locks were parted in the middle. Her hair was blown out straight at the top and fashioned into waves at the ends.

The sisters also had on different shoes. Michaela stuck to classic high-heeled, black pumps while Hunter wore a closed-toe, satin pointed front with an accent band at the mid-foot that matched her dress.

In front of the sisters, a snowy effect was used as a filter on their photo, giving an old-fashioned feel to the image. They were flanked by tall buildings on both the right and left of the photograph. They stood right in the street, with a large, green plant to Michaela's right. Hunter looked directly at her sibling in the pic.

The women posed directly at the entrance of the 183-year-old eatery. This classic New York steakhouse is known for its delicious entrees. In 1862, its Chef de Cuisine Charles Ranhofer invented some of the most well-known fine dining dishes, including Eggs Benedict, Baked Alaska, Lobster Newburg, and Chicken A la Keene, according to the restaurant's official website.

Fans of the siblings adored the look and feel of the holiday image and shared their remarks in the comments section of the post.

"Love this!!!! and Delmonico's. That place was my neighborhood go-to for years," wrote one follower.

"This is stunning and I need to know where those dresses are from," penned a second fan.

"SLAY belle's, you are both immaculate, gorgeous, what a photograph!!!! Honestly," claimed a third Instagram user.

"Iconic, two beauties. You both did your momma proud right here ladies," explained a fourth fan.