Michigan Representative Confirms That Rudy Giuliani Loudly Farted During Election Hearing

Nathan Francis

A Michigan representative confirmed what many who watched a now-viral video suspected — that Rudy Giuliani loudly farted during an election hearing in his state this week.

Giuliani was speaking at a meeting that examined President Donald Trump's unfounded claims of election fraud, and video captured what sounded to be a pair of audible farts as he argued with state lawmakers. As Buzzfeed News noted, Giuliani appeared to get heated during an exchange with state Rep. Darrin Camilleri after the Dearborn Democrat asked about a story claiming that he was pushing Trump for a pardon.

Giuliani objected, saying that the question was inappropriate. As he answered, the microphone picked up what appeared to be the sound of breaking wind, the report noted. A little more than a minute later, when Giuliani was being pressed about Attorney General William Barr's statement that there was no evidence of widespread election fraud, a louder toot could be heard.

"The answer that I gave you was that they didn't bother to interview a single witness," the former New York mayor said, his words capped with the sound of an audible fart.

"I can tell you that making a cameo on @jimmykimmel for questioning Rudy Giuliani during an evidence-free hearing and startling him so much that he farted definitely wasn't on my 2020 bingo card," he tweeted.

Aside from the gas-passing incident, Giuliani has endured some other infamous moments while pushing the Trump campaign's unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud. As The Inquisitr noted, video footage from a press conference last month showed the former New York mayor breaking out in a sweat as he spoke to reporters, with streaks of an unidentified dark liquid rolling down the sides of his face. Many believed it to be hair dye mixed with sweat, though it was never confirmed.

He has also been criticized for aggressively pushing the claims of illegal voting without presenting evidence to back it up. Trump's campaign has lost a series of major court battles, while the president still insists that he would have won the race were it not for a massive number of illegal votes.