Soccer Star Raquel Benetti Takes Her Shirt Off While Balancing A Soccer Ball On Her Head For Latest Update

Brandon Bombay

Instagram model Raquel Benetti showed off her fit body while putting her insane soccer skills on display in her latest video update. For the clip, she pulled off an impressive trick while managing to take her top off and reveal a tight-fitting sports bra.

The Brazilian, known for her jaw-dropping talents and curves, showed how she earned her moniker "The Muse of the Freestylers" in her latest video. There was not much for viewers to see besides the model, as she stood in front of a blank white wall, and the Alok remix of "Piece of Your Heart" by Meduza played over the footage.

Benetti had her long black hair tied up in a ponytail. When the clip started, she was wearing a white Nike tank top. She sported dark blue workout shorts, aqua blue sneakers, and a beige smartwatch to complete the ensemble. The 29-year-old flashed a thumbs-up to the camera and then rolled the ball to her right foot. Benetti kicked it up and caught it with her forehead as it bounced several times.

At this point in the clip, fans were treated to an eyeful of the athlete's ample cleavage in a tight-fitting purple sports bra. They also caught a glimpse of her flat stomach and defined legs. Benetti ended the footage by walking toward the camera with a large smile across her pretty face.

For the caption - as per Google Translate - the soccer pro said she was waiting for a fan to replicate the maneuver and post it online. She added several hashtags, including "#raquelfreestyle" and "#futebol" along with a series of emoji before posting the video on Thursday.

Many of the freestyler's 1.2 million Instagram followers flocked to the post, and more than 16,000 made their way to the "like" button in just over two hours after it went live. Benetti had over 130 comments in that short time. Instagram model Natalia Guitler responded with several hand-clap emoji, and the replies were littered with those and heart-eyed emoji.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last month, Benetti flaunted her assets in a bright yellow sports bra while showcasing her juggling skills.