Leah Remini Shares Exciting News For Fans Of 'Scientology And The Aftermath'

Lucille Barilla

Leah Remini shared exciting news for fans of the television series Scientology and the Aftermath, which ran for three seasons on A&E. The actress and advocate revealed in a new Instagram post that she and her series co-host Mike Rinder have launched a podcast titled Scientology: Fair Game.

Leah revealed in the caption that the podcast, which airs new episodes each Tuesday, will reveal even more about the history and practice of the controversial religion's policy. The slide uploaded to Instagram depicted a graphic for the show, which launches today. Episodes are recorded one week before airing to give listeners the most updated information.

The first episode is titled "When Scientology Declares You Fair Game." The episode notes for the podcast reveal that the hosts will detail the history, policy, and consequences of the controversial practice, reportedly implemented to intimidate anyone perceived as going against the church.

Tony Ortega, the author of the website The Underground Bunker, detailed just what this method constitutes within the organization. He stated that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard came up with the "Fair Game Law" in 1965 as a way to stop splinter groups of the religion. According to Ortega, it was not until 1967 that Hubbard defined the practice as a way to fight the religion's enemies.

The twosome spoke about their new endeavor in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, revealing that they moved to an audio format for their show due to the rigorous vetting process and network rules of what the hosts could and could not say.

Fans of the work Leah and Mike have done on the topic were thrilled to learn the news.

"Loved the first episode! Will be listening every week! Leah, I could listen to you and Mike all day!" remarked one fan of the new format of the show.

"Damn girl, lol, They must hate you right about now. Glad you have the courage to keep going," said a second listener.

"Can't wait Leah all the best. You are making such a significant difference and providing such a strong powerful voice I will be listening," stated a third Instagram user.

"I am so very late to this format, I just haven't been that interested. This is the one that will get me on board, can't wait to listen," said a fourth fan.