Kaitlynn Carter Says She Doesn't Want To Label Her Sexuality Yet: 'I Just Try To Be Real'

Madison Lennon

On Tuesday, a new episode of the podcast Scissoring Isn't A Thing hosted by Daryn Carp and Liz Culley featured Kaitlynn Carter as a special guest. According to Page Six, The Hills: New Beginnings star discussed her sexuality and said she was not ready to put a label on it just yet.

Carter was asked what she labels her sexual identity, and she responded that she did not "have an answer" at present.

The 31-year-old added that she did not feel like she was very connected with anyone right now, expressing that nothing "is quite the right fit" for her at the moment.

"I think this is also all a little new to me and, so I just try to be real … I want to learn myself a little better before I make a decision like that."

Not long after she and Jenner parted ways, Carter was spotted kissing Cyrus while they vacationed in Italy. The blogger appeared to be one of the singer's first relationships since separating from her husband, actor Liam Hemsworth.

The article noted that Carter was "forced to come out to her family" to her family after images of herself and Cyrus spending time together went viral.

Carter said she wished the conversation with her family could have waited until she was ready but did not feel "any shame" when she told her parents.

At the time, she felt "happy" and "excited" about the relationship.

"I had just been through a very challenging period of time in my life and it finally felt like it was getting better."

These days, especially amid the pandemic, Carter has been spending more time alone. She called her relationship with Cyrus a "whirlwind" and indicated that she wasn't sure what she wanted to do next. However, she said she feels more "confident and secure" these days.

Since her highly-publicized relationships with Jenner and Cyrus, Carter has not been linked to anyone else. However, she will see Jenner again soon as The Hills: New Beginnings is set to start filming Season 2 at the end of July or beginning of August, according to a previous report from The Inquisitr.