Instagram Model Raquel Benetti Juggles A Soccer Ball In A Low-Cut Top For Latest Post

Brandon Bombay

Instagram model Raquel Benetti showcased her athletic figure while putting her insane soccer skills on display for her latest social media update. In the post, she uploaded a video that showed her juggling a ball while sporting a tight top and tiny shorts in front of a crowd of people.

Benetti is a renowned soccer star who has been nicknamed "The Muse of the Freestylers," a moniker she lived up to in the clip. She was filmed outdoors on steps wearing a bright red low-cut top that hugged her assets, a pair of short jean shorts, and a blue plaid shirt that she tied around her waist. The model tied her long black hair in a ponytail for the footage.

At the beginning of the clip, the Brazilian was shot from the side as she juggled the ball with her feet and kicked her legs over the top of it. The camera angle then changed to shoot her from the front and fans were treated to a glimpse of her ample assets as she balanced the ball while jumping to switch legs.

In the next portion of the clip, Benetti flipped the ball up and caught it on her back. She let it roll down to her legs and did a handstand as she caught the ball with her calf. The video then showed her pulling off several more impressive tricks, as she balanced the ball on her head and laid down on the ground. As per Google Translate, Benetti mentioned in her caption that this was older footage. The Sao Paulo native joked about embarrassing the viewer who stepped in and tried to take the ball.

"Gorgeous lady right there," one fan wrote.

"Slow motion," added another.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last month Benetti shared a video of her juggling a soccer ball in various revealing outfits. That post garnered over 38,000 likes.