In-N-Out Cook's Reddit AMA Reveals Workers Can Make $120K

Kim LaCapria

An In-N-Out cook's Reddit AMA -- Reddit parlance for "Ask Me Anything" -- has proven incredibly popular, as the chain's legions of fans line up to ask all manner of questions about In-N-Out culture.

The In-N-Out cook Reddit post revealed all sorts of tasty info about the well-regarded burger stop, including even secreter secret menu options, the high rate of salary earned by some In-N-Out workers, and the off-menu item that the chain's employees think is almost better than the infamous burgers.

The In-N-Out cook Reddit AMA was hosted by employee and Redditor dravila9, who dished on the dishes that have earned a cult following on the web.

The In-N-Out cook Reddit AMA started off with (quite predictably for Reddit) some bacon-based food porn, for which the employee revealed some after-hours, off-menu bacon creations. The chain does not offer bacon on its menu, due to the commitment to fresh ingredients and the relative difficulty of managing the add-on in such a manner.

Some of the chain's secrets were not given up by dravila9 in the In-N-Out cook's Reddit AMA. When asked about the chain's famed sauce, he quipped:

"Pretty sure it's just some thousand island with some unicorn jizz. I heard there's a secret farm where they keep them."
"They really are [good to workers,] In-N-Out really takes care of the associates not just with the vision/ dental for the part-time and medical/ disability for full-timers but every year they rent out a water park or theme park depending what state you're in and take half the associates plus a guest or family if you have kids on a bus and pay for EVERYTHING (the other half go the next day)."

He continues:

"Cookout trucks with all the burgers you want and chili dogs. OMG if In-N-Out sold the chili dogs they give at the family picnics the world really wouldn't be able to handle it. And at the end of the picnics they have a raffle with legit prizes like iPads, TV's, game consoles, gas cards, and all kinds of stuff! In-N-Out really gives back to the associates I think that's why people love working there so much and always seem like its such a good time."

The In-N-Out cook also explains on Reddit that his job hasn't ruined the joy of an In-N-Out burger. He says:

"It's a glorious place that I never get tired of even after eating here almost everyday for the past few years!"