The Impact Team Hacker's Name Buzz: 'If Ashley Madison Hacker's Name Is Published After Outing 37 Million People, He's A Dead Man'

Paula Mooney

The Ashley Madison hacking by a group known as "The Impact Team" continues to swirl with controversy. With The Impact Team already leaking one Ontario man's name and another man from Brockton, Mass., as reported by the Inquisitr, folks are growing more curious about the names or singular name behind the so-called Impact Team hacker or hackers themselves.

While Funny or Die is making jokes about the fallout from The Impact Team's hacking, with a woman portraying Ashley Madison as an attractive, yet ditzy blonde, others who are fearing their spouses finding out their name on the list of the Impact Team's leaked names aren't laughing.

The most recent comments on a mega-thread about the Ashley Madison hacking on Reddit prove how some are reacting to the thought of their names being outed on a public list, and how that outing could affect the Impact Team hacker or hackers who performed the dirty deed. One Reddit user whose account is named amsux2015 posits a theory of what could happen to the Impact Team hacker if his or her identity were released after the widespread hacking was published online.

"We're all focusing on ourselves but think of the hacker. He's risking his life and the lives of his family with publishing this list if he even has it. If the hacker's name is published after he outs 37mm people, he's a dead man and so is his family. It's not hard for a down-and-out guy to rationalize: 'you took my family from me, I will take yours...'"
"The hacker is likely a bachelor, but he must have a mother and father somewhere, maybe even a niece or nephew. Even if the hacker goes to jail after outting everyone, if he gets married and has kids 15 years from now, they'd still be at risk. Most of the 37 (million) users are likely nervous wussies, but I would bet more than a few would be capable of murder."

Anonymous accounts of women who cheated on their husbands using Ashley Madison are also being published while the world waits to see if the leak will grow beyond the two names made public by the Impact Team -- or the 2,500 names reportedly included in the Impact Team's initial list. According to Reddit users Burthumplebanger, he or she has seen a list from the Impact Team with 20,000 emails and passwords purporting to be Ashley Madison users, but didn't think the Impact Team provided actual user data in that hacked list of email names.

"I have seen the list you are referring to. I did not save it as it looked completely random s***. I have seen the password list, a list with about 20,000 emails and passwords that were mainly from the UK and FR which also looked like bull****. Trust me no one is going to fish around as much as I have. I have OCD and i don't stop until I find things. There is nothing incriminating out there right now. I have spent 72 hours looking even on the dark web."