Redditors Remember Their First Day On The Internet

Asher Bayot

The World Wide Web turned 25 earlier this year, and in that quarter-century, major advancements in information have been achieved. The world has gone from the early days of threads and forums, to the light-speed rise to fame of social media sites. The internet has come a long way and has matured really fast for its age.

Last night on Reddit, redditor ahcarpenter asked over 20 Reddit users to write down their very first experiences surfing the world wide web. Their responses are sure to bring back memories to the good, 'ol days of dial-up and Dr. Net.

Hearing the dial-up sound

For nostalgia's sake, here is the dial-up sound, one of the oldest sounds on the internet.

Lots of chatting. I often pretended to be way older than I was, which was fun.

I also used to play A LOT of Disney channel games once they started with those. But initially the internet scared me so I stuck to mostly AOL sites.

Once I got a little older though I started to branch out, played a lot of Neopets and Wajas, joined a few forums, started getting deeper into the internet. Now I'm here.

First thing I remember : booting up Prodigy to play Mad Maze.

First thing I actually did?: banged my hands randomly on the keyboard at a few days old so my dad could post my baby gibberish to his bbs.

Good ol' Poopy

It was the late eighties and I was in grade school. Teacher showed us a computer that could send electronic mail to other computers! We each got to send one to some kids at another school.

How about you? What were your first experiences with the internet? Tell us in the comment section below!

[Image from Grant Hutchinson/Flickr]