'Most People Have No Idea What They're Doing': Ex-Corporate Worker Claims Most Companies Don't Offer Formal Training

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Chisom Ndianefo

Is formal onboarding truly a thing of the past in corporate America like this TikTok user, @corporateamericaburnout, whom we'll now call C.A.B says? In a viral video doing an expose on the corporate world, she addressed the lack of training for new employees in today's working environments. It started with a question and answer session where she asked,

"What's something you were not prepared for about the corporate world?"

C.A.B then replied,

"That most companies don't have any formal training."

Let's delve into the truth or otherwise of that statement.

Lack Of Formal Onboarding

C.A.B dug from her experiences before opening the question to debate. She said,

"What I've come to realize in these 10 years: most people have no idea what they're doing, Everyone's just figuring it out as they go."

She then went ahead to use her marketing job as an example, citing the Dos and Don'ts she learned on the job like "legal call times."

The original poster, @Jennahushka a.k.a. Jenna, said the call connecting sound triggered flight/fight response in her body.

Workers On TikTok React

Jenna and C.A.B got many responses to their posts including,

"The office politics and that you can’t be yourself at the office. Took waaaay too long for me to realize this and break out." "the sheer lack of empathy from management - especially HR. I was told and I quote - We do not pay you to have a personality." "How incompetent people in high positions can be."

To C.A.B people said,

"Just entered my first job and I was mind blown at how unprofessional and unorganized everything is." "I wrote a training manual for two departments’ roles because I got tired of seeing people struggle."

Workers In America Are Tired

Gartner ran a survey showing 70% of American workers feel inadequate at their jobs and 52% have the primary expectation of upskilling while 40% want speed, 37% want to cut out unnecessary processes and 18% want personalized HR services.

Unfortunately, there's no solution in sight yet and companies are feeling the brunt of poor employee onboarding, which is also frustrating employees.

The Necessity Of Employee Onboarding

CHRON. draws a direct link between employees' moods and turnover, because frustrated workers don't deliver their best work. When dealing with hazardous workspaces, poor onboarding is a disaster in the making as it guarantees accidents from ignorance.

"Employees must receive training on the appropriate procedures and how and when to use them."