'Expecting Us To Houdini Their Order': Target Worker Calls Out Curbside Customers Who Show Up Without Advance Notice

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TikTok | @modernday.workaholic

Chisom Ndianefo

If you plan on using the Target drive-up without calling to inform the workers, here's a Public Service Announcement (PSA) from a Target employee on TikTok - don't. The TikToker (@modernday.workaholic) went viral after warning customers about arriving at night without calling.

The video now has more than half a million views with 53,500-plus likes, 565 comments, and 604 forwards. Clearly, the video struck a nerve as many people jumped in the comments with diverse opinions, including support and reproaches.

Watch the video below and pick a side. 

Target Workers Are Tired

The TikToker and her co-worker are still in their reflective vests and uniform t-shirts when filming the video. They stand in front of Target trolleys in the parking lot before revealing them to be empty with a voiceover saying,

"And here we go... I hope you're hungry for nothing."

Fellow target workers replied in solidarity saying,

"Then they be complaining they’re order of 60+ items with no prep time wasn’t ready right when they got there,"


"I just cancel once of the other items I think they really wanted."

Customers Apologize For Inconsiderate Behaviors

Some customers replied by saying,

"I can let y’all know I’m coming but I live 1 stoplight away from target, sorry I don’t give y’all enough time." "RIP I accidentally did this yesterday because my app didn’t load and I felt SO bad." "I live 12 minutes from my Target and never leave the house before hitting I’m on the way. I am not messing with the people who let me avoid going in." "As someone who does this when I forget I’m so sorry 😔"

As you can see, many of the comments were apologetic, as customers didn't realize the stress they were putting the Target workers through.

Could Curbside Sale Be Leaving For Good?

The Drive-Up orders are available on the Target App for customers in a hurry to place their orders before arriving at the destination. The app prompts users to inform the Target workers of their arrival and car details to avoid hassles at the collection point.

In recent news, it was revealed that Target is shutting down the curbside Drive-Up because it reduces the revenue from impulse buyers who shop in person.

Dropping Sales Call For Restructuring

Although Target's Drive-Throughs are still up and running, the establishment prefers to promote buying rather than give customers a reason not to enter the store anymore. Based on the replies this Tiktoker got, it's clear that even the employees would support this decision.