TikTok Debates Whether It's Ever Okay To Contact Someone During Time Off

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TikTok | @japplebyny

Chisom Ndianefo

Should employers contacting their staff during the latter's time off be illegal? That's the debate TikTok user (@japplebyny) sparked with his recent viral video. His 9 secs clip got 361 people talking and even more shares at 1,348, along with 18,500 likes.

Clearly, this is a conversation worth having, and Jack Appleby has started it. With a reach of 418,000-plus views, the conversation is not stopping anytime soon.

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Only Essential Workers Can Work Overtime

"If there's a fire at work, call the fire department,"

Appleby captioned while saying,

"There's never a reason to contact someone on PTO [Paid Time Off]. You're not saving lives at your job, Becky email me when I'm back."

The TikToker had strong opinions, and many of his followers agreed. Some comments were more comical than serious, however.

Commenters Debate The Legality Of Contact During PTO

Some of the standout comments include,

"Unless there's drama at work. I'm all about the tea!" "I don't care if they email me. I just don't check or reply when I'm on vacation." "I've only been contacted once during PTO, and that was to be informed I'm getting a raise."

One of the funny comments he replied was,

"Almost true. If the cute service advisor wants to confess her feelings for me like I've been fantasizing about for months, she can call anytime."

He replied,

"Screen name checks out."

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Reality Of Americans Working During Vacation

According to Go Banking Rates, 82% of Americans work while 90% check their work correspondence on vacation. Although a small percentage admitted to doing that due to loving their jobs, 37% confessed they didn't trust others with handling their work while they were away. So, they worked on time off to avoid piling more work from incompetence.

For others, it's lightening their workload before returning to the business world.

Overtime Increased In The Pandemic

Remote work intensified during the pandemic during the lockdown causing many employees to exceed their official working hours. It was either due to boredom, inability to track time, or "insufficient time to get everything done." According to Forbes, all that would soon be over as research proves working on Paid Time Off would soon be illegal.

A New York bill on making outside work hours communication illegal is in debate, but there's no saying if it'll pass into law. Meanwhile, we'll live in the bubble of ignoring such texts until it's time to return officially.