CVS Worker Is Reprimanded For Leaving On Time

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Ashabi Azeez

Working beyond the scheduled time has become a norm in present times. According to a 2021 global survey cited by the BBC, “one in 10 people say they work at least 20 hours a week for free,” ranging from simple tasks to full-on work on off hours. A 2019 study by CNBC reported that the average American worker works late “2.5 days a week, meaning most go home when scheduled only about half the time.”

Worker Chastised For Leaving Work On Time

A TikTok user, Falicity (@falicityshyannn), took to TikTok to share her story of how she was reprimanded for leaving work at the end of her shift. Her story resonated with many users across the platform who shared similar experiences. In a video with over 1.2 million views, Falicity, a CVS worker, says she was chastised by management for clocking out on time. “He’s talking about, ’So why’d you clock out?’” she recalls. “Because it’s my time to fucking go!”

Management Issues

 She then explained that the manager's concern was that she was leaving before her replacement arrived. Falicity, however, did not share the sentiment. She says it is a management problem being shifted to the employee. “Y’all are supposed to be up there. Y’all are the management. You made my schedule. I get off at 3. You know I get off at 3!” she states. “Why you wasn’t up there? I clocked out already!”

Commenters Similar Experiences

 In the comments, several TikTok users agreed with Falicity's views. 

“It’s not my responsibility to stay. It’s the other employee's responsibility to be on time,” one user wrote. “If they never wanted any gaps – they would overlap employees coming/going by an hour but they won’t to save money so BYEEEEE,” another user commented.

Other users also shared their own similar stories from their work experiences. “Domino’s tried to tell me I had to work 3 hours over my extra shift because they didn’t have enough people. sorry for you lol,” a user recalled. “I had a manager say your out time is a suggestion,” another claimed. “I said does that mean so is my in time? My whole schedule then? Inquiring minds.”

Overtime Culture

 Across the world, overwork time has drastically increased in recent times. Cited in a 2021 BBC publication is the case of Erik, a legal worker who had to work through massive workloads and late nights at his first job as a junior associate. Although he has now moved up the corporate ladder, he says, “working towards 40 hours a week would be a light week for me.”

According to a survey cited by CNBC, extra work hours can cause damage to health as many workers tend to sleep for less time, have lower quality sleep, eat more fast food, or skip workouts.