TikTok User Blows Everyone's Minds With The Best Hack For Longer Vacation

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Valeria Cova

Every now and then, taking some time off from work is essential. Sometimes it is for physical or mental health reasons, and others to spend time with loved ones, but not always can we plan our vacations the best way.

If you got any PTO left this year, you might want to check out this hack posted on TikTok by @chelseazeferina. Chelsea casually explained that the best way you can take a more extended vacation without using your PTO is by checking the dates of the actual holidays.

She gave an example with Christmas this year, suggesting her followers take off from Tuesday the 27th to Friday the 30th; this would provide a short ten-day vacation since the federal holidays will be celebrated on Monday the 26th and New Year's Day Monday the second, so you will be off from Christmas Eve and return the following year on the 3rd of January.

Her reasoning brought a lot of attention, and she was asked about a similar plan for Thanksgiving. This time, Chelsea presented a nine-day vacation, explaining that if you take the previous Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday free, you'll have the rest of the week off. However, this only works in those offices that give Friday after Thanksgiving off, so it might be trickier.

The Hack Works For Any Holiday Of The Year

tiktok | chelseazeferina

The Same Person Shared Another Hack

While Some Users Were Thrilled About The Hack, Others Thought It Was Unnecessary

The strategy is very clever, but it is nothing new, as long as you pay enough attention to the days you take off. There were a lot of mixed feelings about the hack since some people prefer to work these days because they are reticent if you work in an office, or they instead do extra time in the holidays.

'Hear me out: if everyone else takes off, it's a super chill 4 days if you do work.' said one of the users, pointing out that it is easier to stay depending on your job. On the other hand, many users were fascinated by it but expressed their disappointment because their offices didn't allow it or because they worked in health care or retail, which usually means these are the busiest weeks of the year.

tiktok | chelseazeferina