Parents Teach Their Son A Lesson After He Abandoned His Daughter With No Child Support

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 "Till death do us apart" or "Family is forever" — are the vows we make when we get married or have children. But what happens when those vows are broken?


When one family member breaks their promises, it can cause a ripple effect that destroys everything in its path. This is precisely what happened to one family after the father abandoned his daughter. Sometimes, the parents move on and try to forget about their ordeal, but no matter what they do, the pain never goes away.


The father in this story is a perfect example of someone who broke his family's vows. He abandoned his daughter when she was just a child and never looked back. But karma has a way of catching up to people like him.


A Reddit post with the handle u/Dull-Handle-7586, who will be getting married soon, posted an interesting story about her family- specifically, her father. She explained how livid he became when he realized he would lose a lot of money because his parents didn't know about their granddaughter's (u/Dull Handle-7586) existence.


So, here is how it goes.


The OP is getting married. She met at university, and they have been together for eight years. Her fiancée's family hails from the same city as her father's, and they are a boisterous group. The OP explained that her grandparents from her father's side discovered about her and her wedding because of a lot of intermingled business and personal connections. They eventually want to be in touch and meet her and her fiancée, who seems to be a grandson of an acquaintance of theirs.


The OP explained how her grandparents found out about her and were very angry that her father never told them. As a result, they decided to give her a gift from his trust fund to cover all the child support and education expenses he should have paid if he had been there. This has enraged the author's father because he sees it as a large sum of money, which will significantly impact his finances for the next two years at least. Her father also hinted that if she didn't return the money, he might be compelled to find a job, and his present wife and children would be harmed.


The writer, however, said she didn't need the money and was entitled to it and wanted to use it to pay off her mother's debt. That way, when she retires, she can do whatever she wants without worrying about money. So, she's not going to return the money.


The details of this story, as well as the response from the AITA community, are given below. Keep reading to learn more!

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