Retail Worker Calls Out Customer For Standing On Five T-Shirts To Avoid Fitting Floor

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TikTok | @therealethancarlson

Chisom Ndianefo

Working retail is an interesting job because you meet an interesting range of customers daily, and this TikTok creator did, last week. Ethan Carlson (@therealethancarlson), the TikToker, shared his shocking experience with a "new breed of retailers" who would rather stand on five t-shirts than let their feet touch the fitting room floor!

His video dissecting his experience earned over 49,000 likes, 1,617 comments, and 366 shares.

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Here's an excerpt of what he said,

"The other day at work, uhm a woman ruined five t-shirts and when I say ruined, I mean the T-shirts went to their grave or to their new lives... any way the woman comes in, she's giving you like late thirties early 40s... she walks in she's shopping around and she grabs a couple of shirts and a couple of tights... I walk her to the fitting room and she goes can you just grab me four or five t-shirts... She throws the five t-shirts on the ground, takes off her shoes to try on her pants and stands on the shirts."

Carlson emphasized that the fitting room floors were lined with vinyl and mopped clean, so her fears were unfounded, in his opinion. The retailer was shocked when she didn't buy any of the five t-shirts she ruined and expressed his shock by saying, "People are frightening!"

Commenters agreed with him and he responded to some like a user who wrote,

"If I forget socks, I literally stand on my sandals/shoes. I cannot fathom using clothes."

and he replied,

"You're a hero."

When one commenter mentioned they'd be upset, Carlson replied sarcastically saying he wasn't thrilled either. He, however, enjoyed one comment saying,

"I would've just picked them up and started scanning them with what she brought."

He replied,

"LOL. Ugh where are y'all when this is HAPPENING?! My heart RACES 😅😅😅"

The video which now has 307,100-plus views is still making its rounds on social media.

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