How Maria Menounos Stays In Shape

Maria Menounos
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Maria Menounos is a Hollywood personality with time as an actress, host, and author. With such a busy plate, she loves to keep her fitness and wellness routines simple. Here is a bit of what she does - including what helped her lose over 40lbs.

Her Magic Weight Loss Trick That Anyone Can Do

Maria Menounos
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Maria has a weight loss trick that is accessible to anyone. What does she do? She always keeps a mug of hot water around. She told POPSUGAR, "Hot water is like magic. It fills you up: it also is detoxifying, de-stressing, and helps digest the food in your stomach. You'll find yourself eating a little less if you're drinking hot water." She likes this solution since it helps anyone at home or in a busy office kitchen. She also recommends drinking tea or adding lemon to your mug.

Conversely, she also lives by another nighttime trick - not eating past 8 p.m. every night. She said: "If it's too late, and I'm really hungry, I'll have a Greek yogurt or something simple like that. That way I don't have a big meal that I have to digest during the night."

She Finds Ways To Still Burn The Calories

Maria Menounos
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Maria loves to wear leg weights. She wrote on her website, "Throughout my day to burn some extra calories I wear my Bala Bangles and push myself to take the stairs, fit in my calf-raises or even do tricep pushes off my counter while I am cooking dinner. I know it sounds too easy or kinda silly, but hey – I’m still moving! With the bangles on, I feel like I am getting a workout throughout the day as I run up and down stairs, or rush around in general. It also inspires me when I’m standing around to do leg lifts with them too. It’s a no-pressure way to get my fitness in."

She Makes Sure To Stay Mentally Healthy

Maria Menounos
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She added in her post: "I also want to emphasize the importance of listening to your body. Just do what you can that day. If all I can do at the time is get on the treadmill and walk for 10 minutes, that’s okay. I do what I can and don’t have guilt. I have phases in life where I can do more, or phases when I do almost nothing. It’s just how it goes for me and I’m okay with that". 

Remember Why You Started

Maria Menounos
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Maria's health journey is one that she sees lasting her entire life. She said in an interview, "Right before I left college. It was my junior year, I was a size 14, and the jeans were getting tight—and I was not going to buy a size 16. I was really tired and depressed, and I didn't know why. So I decided to make a change and really focused on it. It took almost a year."