Alexandra Daddario Steps Out In Black Minidress

Alexandra Daddario
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Triston Brewer

Alexandra Daddario, at 36 years old, is finally getting the recognition from her peers that she deserves. With her first Emmy nomination for her work on 'The White Lotus', the New York native is getting her name called alongside some of the most respected actresses in Hollywood, and her career has been creeping towards accolades ever since she made the transition from teen star to adult television and film actress.

Alexandra Is Beauty In Motion In Black And Red Dress

Alexandra is a woman always on the go, and what better way to capture that than a shot of her literally in motion? As if she were floating in a recent photo on her Instagram, Daddario looks as if she is floating and couldn't look more carefree. See, folks? Beauty floats!

Alexandra Had Her Own Thoughts On Zac Efron Before Dating Him

Because Zac Efron is viewed as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood, Alexandra thought that dating him back in the day would validate her. Of course, she is gorgeous in her own right, but she is humble about her appearance, proclaiming:

It’s only happened a couple of times, but it happens. The fact that people think that I can get someone as hot as Zac Efron, it’s cool, I feel like I’m getting back at all the boys in high school that wouldn’t date me.

Quarantining With Friends And Puppies

During the lockdown, everyone was doing what they could to cope, often staying in contact with friends and family members as much as possible. For her part, Alexandra spent most of it holed up with her friends and her puppy, Levon. She says:

“I didn’t have pets growing up, so Levon is my first dog and I got him six years ago when he was 2,” the San Andreas actress says. “I’ve fallen in love with him. Just the idea that my little dog was in the shelter and so scared, I think that encouraging people to go adopt a dog is great.”

Fans who visit her social media pages can see photos of him splashed everywhere as he is considered a part of the family. She also urges others to adopt pets to keep animals off the streets and in good care.

Alexandra Is The Big Sister To Two Siblings

You may have seen her younger siblings as they are both actors. They are brother Matthew Daddario and sister Catharine Daddario. Her parents are both from New York and raised them in Manhattan.