NBA Rumors: Celtics Could Land Cameron Reddish At A Major Discount

Cameron Reddish
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Ernesto Cova

The Boston Celtics tried to get into the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. However, the Brooklyn Nets' asking price pretty much drove them away, and now Durant has no choice but to stay home.

But that doesn't mean Brad Stevens is done making moves, as they're fresh off an NBA Finals appearance, and it's clear that they just need a couple of pieces to get over the hump and raise that 18th banner.

Celtics Could Use More Help

Jayson Tatum
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The Celtics made a great move by adding Malcolm Brogdon, and rounding it up by signing Danilo Gallinari. However, Gallo hurt his knee while on international duty and will miss the whole season, leaving a hole in their rotation.

That's why we believe that the New York Knicks could make the most of this situation by picking up Cameron Reddish's team option and then trading him to the Celtics in return for two second-round picks in 2023.

Why Would Knicks Do This?

Cameron Reddish
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Well, this would be a no-brainer move for Leon Rose and the Knicks. For starters, Tom Thibodeau never wanted Reddish, and he's not thrilled to be in New York, either.

They'd be basically getting two free second-round picks just by picking up their team option on a player that could just leave and sign with another team anyway, so what's not to like about two free picks?

What's In It For Boston?

Cameron Reddish
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While Reddish plays primary as a shooting guard, he's also used to playing at the three if needed. He's struggled to establish himself in the league but has shown glimpses of great talent when given enough touches and offensive opportunities.

The Celtics would get another young player that fits their stars' timelines. They'd get him on quite a team-friendly deal and could even work out an extension at a major discount, hoping he breaks out as the lottery pick and top-tier talent he was once considered to be.

Will Reddish Fulfill His Potential?

Cameron Reddish
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Cameron Reddish is just 23 years old. Maybe the Celtics aren't the best setting for him and he needs to get a lot of minutes on a losing team instead, but there's always the chance that he turns out to be good under the right development system.

The Celtics have been patient with their guys and they could afford to do the same with Reddish. We're talking about a guy who went 10th overall just three years ago, so it's too early to rule him out.