NBA News: Cavs Could Try And Steal LeBron James Again

LeBron James
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Ernesto Cova

LeBron James put an end to all speculation about his future by signing a two-year contract extension. He's now tied to the Los Angeles Lakers through 2025, which will also be his age-39 season.

Needless to say, not many players could be in the league until they're nearly 40 years old, but James still feels like a teenager and has shown no signs of slowing down.

Things Are Different Now

LeBron James
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So, will that be his final year in the Association, or will The King look to extend his stay in the league? In a conversation with HoopsHype, an NBA insider Chris Fedor believes he could look at a third spell with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

However, this time, he won't be calling the shots:

"I think they’d be open to it on their own terms, under the right terms. Terms that are very different from the ones he came back to in 2014," Fedor said.

LeBron Wants Power

LeBron James
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LeBron often takes a hands-on approach to decision-making and everything that goes down in a franchise, which is something to consider every time you sign him:

"When you acquire LeBron, there are a lot of things that go with that," Fedor explained. "He wants power. He wants to help make decisions over the roster and people that are hired within the organization. He wants to be at the center of everything and have a team built around his strengths and things along those lines."

Cavs Don't Need Another Boss

LeBron James
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That's why the Cavs could be hesitant to bring James back, as they've put together this core on their own and don't need a star getting in the way of their decisions:

"The Cavaliers would not sign up for that kind of situation. They feel good about what they have here, especially with the addition of Donovan Mitchell. Back in 2014, they needed a savior and needed LeBron to come back and take them to a different level," Fedor concluded.

James Wants To Play With His Sons

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Moreover, it seems like James isn't ready to call it quits. He recently claimed that he's looking to team up not only with Bronny but also with Bryce, who could enter the league in 2027:

“I’d definitely be looking at who got first-round picks in 2024, 2025, things of that nature; 2026, ’27. I pay attention to that type of stuff," James said.

So, if you're a James hater and thought this would all be over soon, we have bad news for you, buddy.