Adriana Lima's Model Fitness Approach

Adriana Lima
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Adriana Lima is a Brazilian model known for her work as the longest-standing Victoria'Secret's model. Having served from 1999 to 2018, her work is one to admire, and so is her fitness routine, as it's very strict. This is what the model does.

The Basics To Her Workout and Wellness Routine

Adriana Lima
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Adriana loves having oatmeal for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch, and a light salad for dinner. She loves doing light cardio, no CrossFit, and is a fan of boxing. She also believes in cheat days and indulges in chocolate cake.

Adriana's Workout Regimen

Adriana Lima
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Adriana's trainer is a former middleweight boxing champion Michael Olajide Jr. They have trained together for ten years. She has a passion for boxing,, and 80% of their workouts consist of boxing. Their workouts go for around 90 minutes, and include boxing, body weight, and jump rope exercises. She will also run 3 miles a few days per week, but avoids CrossFit.

Her Workout Mentality

Adriana Lima
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Adriana's mentality to working out – "I like to sweat, and I like intense workouts, nothing slow." And Michael's comments on her workout ethic – "Adriana does what she has to in the gym. Her work ethic is out of control! When she gets in her mind she wants to get something done; she does it."

Adriana's Daily Meal Intake

Adriana Lima
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Adriana is very healthy. She enjoys vegetables and meat being grilled or steamed without any sauce. She also eats five ounces of protein every day and eats six meals a day. She also has protein shakes, which are labeled as Metagenics by her.

For breakfast, she eats oatmeal with egg whites and raisins. She enjoys her latte or cappuccino every day with honey to sweeten it. She also tends to enjoy her breakfast with Muesli and honey or yoghurt. Her meals always include a control portion diet.

In Her Own Words

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She told crfashionbook, "As a model, I need to be ready all year long so I train consistently. For about two months leading up to VS every year, I train even harder and eat a little bit leaner. I also try not to eat too many sweets, but it's really hard because they are my favorite thing. I've been switching things up a little bit. I love boxing, but more recently I've been doing a lot of circuit training and running. I've found that keeping fit on the road is really challenging. I always want to try new types of food that may not be all that healthy. The key to balancing this is keeping my body active. If I have a gym at my hotel, I'll wake up and do a quick workout, or I'll run outside as a way to see the place that I'm visiting. Another good trick of mine is packing a jump rope and doing ten minutes in my room first thing in the morning to get my heart rate up."