Rebel Wilson's Trainer Breaks Down Her Exact Fitness Routine

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Fatima Araos

Rebel Wilson's fitness journey is one for the books.

After proclaiming 2020 as her "Year of Health," the 42-year-old Australian actress lost almost 80 pounds and reached her ideal weight of 165 pounds – one month ahead of the deadline she set.

She pulled off the extraordinary feat with a lot of help from her trainer, fellow Aussie Jono Castano. And to inspire those who might want to achieve the same thing, the fitness expert shared with Today details of his famous client's workout plan.

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'Awesome Relationship Through Training'

Castano told the outlet that working with Wilson has been a great experience "in terms of having someone of that level, who can trust you and also become amazing friends and grow such an awesome relationship through training."

He also noted that his trainer-client relationship with the Senior Year actress was "not just about 45 minutes with a person. It's about 24 hours, checking in."

Share Your Fitness Goals

One of the things that made Wilson's "Year of Health" a success was that she shared her fitness goals publicly on social media, which helped motivate her to produce results. Castano said, "Keep yourself accountable, free posting on social. Rebel has been posting for the whole 2020 about her journey, the ups and downs."

He added, "Also, join a community group, where members post their meals, their workouts, the creative steps they are taking. And I think that's definitely a massive boost if you're trying to get fit."


In a Q&A on Instagram, Wilson revealed that walking played a big role in her weight loss journey. This is a strategy that Castano promotes as well.

He calls it #45Daily, meaning one should be moving for 45 minutes every day. "I guess the thing with Rebs as well, we rethink so many ways that you get around," he told Today. "Don't just jump in your car, like even if it's Uber or whatever it is, think of different ways to get to your destination. Maybe it's a walk. I think that's a great thing as well because I'm a big believer that #45Daily, so include 45 minutes into your day where you are moving."

Wilson's Weekly Routine

Castano also broke down the Pitch Perfect alum's exact workout plan. It consists of High-intensity interval training (HIIT) on the first day, weights/resistance on the second, mobility/recovery on day three, and HIIT again on the fourth.

On day five, it's HIIT/weights, then recovery on day six. On the seventh, it's HIIT again.