Jennifer Aniston's Two-Decade Yoga Journey

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Fatima Araos

There's one person who knows many, if not all, of Jennifer Aniston's fitness secrets, and that is her yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber. The 53-year-old Hollywood superstar has been working with her wellness guru for about two decades, and it certainly doesn't look like she's giving up yoga anytime soon.

That makes Ingber, whose celebrity clients also include Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Lawrence, the person to ask about Aniston's fitness routine. Luckily, she shared some details in a 2020 interview with People. Read below.

It Started During Her Brad Pitt Days

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We all know that the Morning Show star is devoted to exercise, but it's interesting to find out from Ingber that she also got into yoga to overcome a personal crisis.

"I think for many of my celebrity clients, people love it because it's a through-line, and it brings you through whatever you're going through," the yoga expert said. "I started working with Jennifer when she finished Friends and when she and Brad [Pitt] were breaking up. That was the moment that the wave started, and I think that was a big part of what helped her through."

Aniston's Regimen Is A Combination Of Yoga And Spinning

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Before yoga, Ingber was a cycling instructor, and her thrice-a-week regimen for Aniston combines the two exercises.

"Spinning is a modality that I love, and what yoga does is it lengthens the muscles. Spinning and yoga are complements because in both you're connecting with your breath, you're finding that sense of detachment, you're pushing past your edge."

'Comfort In Your Own Skin'

Ingber said that Aniston is "the embodiment of balance and comfort in your own skin," which is why yoga is an excellent match for her.

"The basis of yoga is about connecting with your body, no matter what type of body you have," she explained. "My main message is to love your body like it is, and it will get into shape. It won't get into shape faster if you're beating yourself up!"

Consistency Is Key

In another interview with People, Ingber revealed the key to Aniston's fit physique.

"The funny thing is people think you need to do so much in order to be fit, and the truth is you don't have to do so much; you just have to do it consistently, and that's really the key with Jennifer Aniston," she shared. "She is one of the most consistent people that I know in terms of moderation in health and diet and physical activity."