Sofia Vergara Serves Major Swimwear Throwback

Close up of Sofia Vergara smiling in a red dress
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Chisom Ndianefo

Sofia Vergara, at 50, is one of the hottest actresses in America, as confirmed by many credible lists. With the array of teenage and youthful pictures from her childhood in Barranquilla shared via Instagram, Vergara proves that she's always been beautiful.

Before attaining mainstream success in Hollywood, the mother of one worked as a TV anchor and model. Years later, she's paying tribute to her beginning reminding fans once more never to forget their roots.

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A Blast From The Past

Close up of Sofia Vergara with shiny, curly blonde/brown hair
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Vergara is naturally blonde and that bothered her because it didn't fit the stereotypical image of a Colombian woman with brunette or black hair. When she entered Hollywood, the actress dyed her hair dark to fit the stereotype but here's a picture of her as a 14-year-old before the change.

Although the picture has an aged resolution, Vergara's neon green swimwear with hot pink lace string details stood out. She had bangs on her forehead and accessorized lightly with small hoop earrings.

A Brunette In L.A.

Close up of Sofia Vergara in Brown hair
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As she grew older, Vergara's style became more daring, as seen in the picture below. The ten models posed in a gold bikini with complimentary silver stiletto pumps. Based on her Instagram caption, we can tell this picture was taken in Los Angeles when she joined the film industry, and her hair is a shiny dark brown with loose curls. Vergara kept her makeup light with nude gloss and a subtle black eyeshadow on her eyes.

Joking Around With Joe Manganiello

Close up of Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara smiling on the red carpet
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When she's not sharing cute throwback pictures for her fans, Vergara posts cute videos of herself or her family. In a recent post, she shared a cute moment between her and her husband, Joe Manganiello, on Instagram. The actress made a sneak video of him after making him pose for pictures minutes before.

Manganiello caught on to her plan and refused to indulge her verbally although his actions did otherwise. The Magic Mike XXL actor said it didn't matter because Vergara wouldn't post it (well, he thought wrong). In a self-drag, the actress captioned the video "No Trust."

Watch it below.

Best Of Sofia Vergara's Summer Selfies

Another thing we enjoyed from Vergara this Summer were her selfies on America's Got Talent. She always showed up to the judging table with her hair laid to perfection, makeup cleanly executed, and wore minimal jewelry complimenting her outfits.

Check out more of our recent favorites below.

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