Sara Sigmundsdottir Displays Incredible Arm Strength In Handstand Move

Sara Sigmundsdottir
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Ashabi Azeez

 Sara Sigmundsdottir is one of CrossFit's biggest stars. The 29-year-old is known for her sporting prowess and incredible physique. The Icelandic athlete showed off her astonishing arm strength in a handstand move while preparing for the Last Chance Qualifier.

Incredible Arm Strength 

Sara seemed super ready to take the last chance. The incredibly toned athlete took to Instagram to share an impressive photo of herself doing a handstand only a few days before the Last Chance Qualifier, which would earn her a spot at the CrossFit games.

She displayed her super ripped physique in a brown sports bra paired with tight blue shorts. She had a training session as her powerful arms held her upside down in a handstand move. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders as she concentrated on her training.

Sara Shows Off Toned Physique 

Sara is not one to shy away from pushing herself to do the work required to be such a successful athlete. The CrossFit star shared a snap of her training session on Instagram while counting down to the Qualifier.

The athlete showed off her arm strength while pushing a flip sled, using only a blue towel to cushion the friction. Her toned arms were on full display in a lilac sports bra. Her toned thighs were equally on display in tight black shorts.

She kept her hair away from her face, pulling it into a messy ponytail. "Heads down and work. Only a few more days🛠️" she wrote, adding the LCQ hashtag. 


How Sara Got Her Strong Physique

Sara is one of the world's fittest women, with her incredibly strong physique and toned abs. She trains for hours every day. Training her core is key, and she works her abs at the end of every session.

The two exercises the athlete swears by to help sculpt her abs and tone her core is hollow rocks and L-sits. Sara finished third at the CrossFit Games in 2015 and 2016 but has been plagued by injuries since.

After she had to pull out of the 2021 Games after an ACL injury, the sportswoman said that although her recovery is going "almost too well," she has been careful not to push herself too hard before her body is ready.

She Identifies Her Weak Points

Per Yahoo, Sara revealed that although she finds hollow rocks good for working her core, they are her "worst enemy." She said she is "so bad at planks," but hollow rocks are her "worst enemy." Despite being incredibly strong, she finds the exercise "so hard."

Sara said 20 seconds of L-sits does wonders for her core. The other core movement she finds most challenging is L-sits using parallettes. "I close my eyes and think I must have done 20 seconds, but it's only two," she said.