How To Impress Women On Dating Apps By Avoiding These Messages

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Sarah Haider

Without a shadow of a doubt, online dating apps have made finding your love interest much easier.

All you have to do is sign up for an account on a dating app, add your bio with details about your personality, likes and dislikes, gain immediate access to hundreds of profiles, and start swiping right to the women you like.

Once you have successfully grabbed a woman's attention on a dating app, the real challenge begins: keeping the conversations interesting and alive. But when it comes to "making things interesting," men and women might not always be on the same page.

As a result, many men using online dating services lose their potential matches because of the mistakes they make while sending a message.

Here's a list of some messages you should avoid sending to impress women on dating apps.

Don't Pressurize Her

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According to Ask Men, once you've started a conversation with a woman on an online dating app, you should avoid sending messages to make her feel as if you're pressurizing her to do something.

You might be trying to act normal, and it might not even be your intention, but don't try to force her into activities she's uncomfortable doing.

For example, asking her to meet somewhere she's not happy about and trying to justify your proposal by exerting more pressure will turn her off. Avoid such messages at all costs!

Don't Ask About Relationship Goals Too Soon

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You've just started talking to a person, so it might be a good idea to wait a while before delving into deeper conversations, including talks related to hookups, marriage, or long-term relationships.

According to DateAha! asking a woman, "What are you looking for in a relationship?" is not only a boring question, but it might also put them in an awkward position.

An article by Captain Awkward says that this question could even intimidate people as it sounds like they are appearing for a job interview instead of getting to know someone. Therefore, it could serve as a "conversation killer."

Better save that question for later if you see there's a spark between you two.

Don't Engage In Unsolicited Sexting

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According to Certified Professional Love & Relationship Coach Jade Neuwirth, sexting could be a great way to spice things up with someone you're in a relationship with.

But when you're just getting to know someone on a dating app, save those intimate texts for later because most women might freak out if you start sexting without seeking their consent.

Similarly, talking about sex before meeting someone would make you appear desperate to get into a woman's pants and emotionally immature or even offensive, according to Neuwirth.

Lastly, there is no need to send unsolicited private pictures of yourself to women. They will think you're a creep who doesn't know how to respect women.

Don't Ask For 'Netflix And Chill'

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Often, men find interesting matches on dating apps, and even the conversations are pretty interesting. But when it comes to asking women out, it could be a tricky situation.

According to Jade Neuwirth, offering the "Netflix and Chill" option to your potential date instead of offering to take her out to a nice place for the first date could blow your chances.

"This is a clear indication that [men] are looking for a warm body to be next to them. They are looking for a hookup," she wrote on her blog. "This doesn't mean they are an awful person; they just aren't looking for anything serious. If that's what you need at that moment too, go for it, but don't have any expectations of this person."

So, if you are looking for something serious, long-term, or even if you're trying to get to know someone for a potential relationship, don't ask them to "Netflix and Chill" on the first date.

Don't Talk About Your Ex

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Whether your ex was great or not, and irrespective of how wonderful or horrible your previous relationship was, don't talk about it when you're talking to a woman on an online dating app.

You should only bring that topic up if someone explicitly asks, but comparing the new person with your ex or telling them how your ex wronged you would leave a very bad first impression.

According to Intrepid Mental Wellness, if a man or a woman constantly talks about their ex on a dating website or app, it's considered a red flag.

So, unless you want to sabotage your chances at online dating, do not mention your ex unnecessarily. Moreover, it is also a sign that you might not be over your ex yet, so consider giving yourself some time to completely move on before starting a new relationship.

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