Olympian Aly Raisman Shares Her Workout Routine And Nutrition Tips

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Fatima Araos

Aly Raisman is staying active post-retirement.

The 28-year-old Olympic gymnast has fitness in her DNA, having trained since she was two years old and competed on an elite level since she was 14. It's no surprise she's still devoted to exercise years after retiring from her sport, although her routine looks different these days from when she was training as a pro athlete.

The difference is that she's kinder to herself and more mindful of what her body needs. Read the details below.

'Listen To Your Body'

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In an interview with Shape last year, Raisman talked about how her fitness routine has changed since retiring.

"We live in a society where we're always trying to push ourselves more and more, and it's a great thing to work hard and to push yourself, but it's also really important to just be kind to yourself and listen to your body," she said. "I definitely live by that now, but I wish I did when I was younger."

Her Pandemic Routine

When the pandemic hit, the three-time Olympic gold medalist ramped up her routine instead of just taking it easy.

"I actually feel like I've been able to work out a little bit more than I was before the pandemic," she said. "It doesn't mean I'm working out for hours every day, but sometimes I'll do a little bit of a workout in the morning, and then even do a little bit more in the afternoon. I break it up throughout the day because that's what's working for me right now."

Her Go-To Is Pilates

Her regimen includes glute bridges, crunches, and other abdominal exercises, but her favorite is Pilates.

"Pilates has been really helpful for me," Raisman told Byrdie in a 2021 interview. "I've struggled a lot in the last couple years with having energy—I just haven't really been feeling well. My body responds really well to Pilates. I don't do the same workout every single day, because I'm still recovering. And every day, I feel differently. I take it one day at a time, because I'm really working on listening to my body right now."

What She Eats

As for her post-workout snack, the two-time Olympian reaches for plant-based items rich in protein, like a soy milk smoothie with fresh blueberries, spinach, and cinnamon. Her other staples include fresh vegetables, avocado, hummus, and soups.

"But I also think it's really important to remember that you gotta figure out what works for you," she reminded her followers. "Just because you're watching somebody's diet on Instagram or YouTube doesn't mean it's going to fit perfectly for you."