NFL Rumors: Proposed Trade Sends Sam Darnold To Seattle

Sam Darnold
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Ernesto Cova

We're just one month away from the 2022 NFL season and the QB battle seems settled in most cases. That includes the Carolina Panthers, who recently traded for Baker Mayfield after months of consideration.

Needless to say, adding another QB so late in the off-season means one thing and one thing only: He's going to start and Sam Darnold should be on his way out.

Baker Mayfield Took Over

Baker Mayfield
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Even though Mayfield hasn't exactly outplayed Darnold in training camp, the hype is clear. The fans were there to watch him, not Darnold, and what could Matt Rhule tell Darnold to make him feel like he hasn't lost his job already?

Mayfield is the better choice, at least for the time being, so the Panthers should look to move on from the former first-round pick.

With that in mind, we believe the Seattle Seahawks could help them out, and it would only take a late-round pick for the Panthers to willingly part ways with him.

Why Would Seattle Do This?

Sam Darnold
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As much as they'd hate to admit it, the Seahawks have a terrible QB room. Pete Carroll has vowed his support for Geno Smith and Drew Lock over and over, but neither of them is a candidate to lead them going forward.

Darnold has been bad more often than he's been good, but he's still better than both. He's still young and has shown glimpses of great play every now and then, so he's worth taking the risk, especially at a discount.

Panthers Get Him Off The Books

Sam Darnold
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The Panthers paid a lot to get Darnold and it didn't work out. His tenure as a starter finished with a 4-7 record, 2,527 yards, nine touchdowns, and 11 interceptions. He's going to make a whopping $18,858,000 next season, which is far from what the Panthers would want to pay.

There's no point in having him on the roster, so they'd be glad to take whatever they can get after one of the most infamous trades in franchise history.

Everybody Gets Better

Baker Mayfield
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There's always the chance that Darnold turns out to be somewhat good, but even if he's not, he'll be an upgrade for the Seahawks.

The Panthers would take the pressure off Mayfield's shoulders, which is only good considering his well-documented tantrums and character issues.

This trade may seem like a minor move, but it could have a massive impact on two organizations struggling to keep up with their respective divisions.