CrossFit Athlete Brooke Wells Flaunts Ripped Biceps With Handstand Walk

Brooke Wells takes a selfie on a chaise lounge chair.
instagram | Brooke Wells

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Alexandra Lozovschi

All her hard work over the last year has paid off in a big way for Brooke Wells. The eight-time CrossFit Games athlete has just wrapped up the 2022 Games, ranking 5th just six months after undergoing reconstructive surgery on her elbow. Taking to Instagram a few days ahead of the competition, she put her ripped biceps and quads on display while performing a handstand walk, with fans cheering her inspiring comeback.

Check it out below -- and keep reading to find out how she stays in shape!

Perfect Form

Sharing photos from a training session in Nashville, Tennessee, Wells showed off her impressive skills with a perfect handstand walk while still managing to keep her sunglasses on. In other pics, she could be seen running track with her muscular abs on display.

"The work has been put in 😈😤 #9days," the 27-year-old powerhouse wrote in the caption, with messages from supportive fans pouring in. "Love seeing you back in this shape!" said one person, while another hyped her up: "Almost time to crush it 🔥🔥🔥."

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Her Incredible Comeback

The CrossFitter has been in recovery mode for quite some time after the 2021 Games when she severely injured her elbow during Event 12 in early August. The athlete attempted a 190-pound snatch and dislocated her elbow mid-rep, being forced to medically withdraw from the competition.

Since then, she's undergone Tommy John surgery to repair the damage and is now in better shape than ever.

"5th FITTEST ON EARTH, comeback complete," she summed up her stellar competitive season while sharing photos from the 2022 Games.

"One year ago in THIS moment, Saturday night in the coliseum, my CrossFit Games ended. I was in 6th place. My elbow was destroyed and my heart was broken," she wrote in a separate post. "Every single day since, I woke up DETERMINED to prove to the world and to MYSELF that I could make this year my best yet." 

Read about her workout routine below!

Her Workout Routine

Proving she wasn't going to let anything slow her down, Wells was back in the gym after the first month of rehab, telling fans in November that she was "doing PT 3-5 days per week."

Her weekly fitness routine involves training three times a day for three days a week, with her workouts taking up more than five hours per day, according to Fitness Clone. This is followed by two days of double training sessions, with one final day of active recovery -- which usually means swimming.

Read about her diet below!

Her CrossFit Diet

With so much time spent in the gym, Wells needs to fuel her body with the right kind of nutrients to keep her muscles toned and healthy. The CrossFit star is all about carbs -- she says the Paleo diet is not a good fit for her -- and will typically load up on food the night before the Games in case she doesn’t get a chance to eat during the competition.

Likewise, she starts off competition days with the breakfast of champions, which typically includes a big serving of eggs, fruit, and oatmeal. The athlete stays pumped between events with a protein shake and a banana or rice.

After the CrossFit Games, Wells treats herself to a victory meal -- and nothing is off limits! This is when she'll have anything her heart desires, such as In-N-Out Burger, pizza, ice cream, or doughnuts.