NFL Rumors: Potential Seahawks-Jets Trade Gives Seattle A QB For The Future

Pete Carroll
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Ernesto Cova

The Seattle Seahawks head into the upcoming NFL season with little-to-no chance of making the playoffs. Pete Carroll claims they still want to compete, but it seems unlikely given their roster situation.

So, chances are that they'll look to make some moves at some point in the season, especially if (when) they realize they need to move on from Geno Smith and Drew Lock.

Seahawks Get Another QB

Drew Lock
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With that in mind, SB Nation's Gang Green Nation predicts the New York Jets could help the Seahawks out with their shaky QB situation.

In this scenario, they'd send away QB Mike White & DT Sheldon Rankins to Seattle in return for DT Bryan Mone, QB Jacob Eason, and a 3rd round pick. White was impressive in limited snaps last season and would be a cheap upgrade for the Seahawks:

"The fact that the Seahawks have no current long-term starter at QB on the roster facilitates the trade (and the 3rd round pick) as White could be viewed as a better long term prospect than Geno Smith or Drew Lock," read the report. "In any event a 3rd round pick is a small price to pay for a possible upgrade at the QB position."

Seattle Gets Younger

Pete Carroll
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Also, the Seahawks would land a younger player that better fits their timeline, as Sheldon Rankins may only need a change of scenery to prove his worth:

"Sheldon Rankins was a bust as a free agent last year, but the swap for a younger player gives the Seahawks a viable veteran presence while the Jets get a player who fills a significant need at a lower price," the report added. "Rankins could excel in the Seahawks system which is quite different from the scheme the Jets employ."

Jets Improve Against The Run

New York Jets
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On the other hand, the Jets would get better against the run without having to give up that much, helping a revamped defense that's looking to make a splash in 2022:

"Mone was a late bloomer who is starting his 4th NFL season. He played well last year in limited snaps (396 snaps) and would be the early down run stopper the Jets need. He has a great anchor against double teams. He would keep the guards off Mosley and Williams on early downs," the report explained. "He would probably play 30 to 40 snaps a game or around 50% of the snaps depending on how the game goes."

Defense Will Be A Point Of Emphasis

MetLife Stadium
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Robert Saleh knows his success will be measured in terms of how much his defense improves after a terrible season in 2011. And while they're ways away from being a Super Bowl contender, adding Mone could be a low-key impactful move for their new-look defensive unit:

"The Jets have improved their secondary and pass rush so reams will most likely want to pound the ball on early downs to stay away from 3rd and long situations," the story concluded. "Mone could help against the run. The Jets would want to redo his contract before the trade, but it should be for little guaranteed money."

So, what's holding this up? Let's get it done!