Messaging Mistakes Guys Are Always Making

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Ingrid Vasquez

Texting and instant messaging are simple but difficult tasks. When you are starting to move forward in a relationship or trying to tell a woman you are interested, it can make or break where the relationship will go. Therefore, these are simple yet common mistakes men make. Here is what you should not be doing.

Get Their Attention From The Start

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Pick-up lines are just that - pick-up lines. Be different from everyone else. If you want to attract your potential love interest, let them know why they should consider you the same way. Women are just as intimidated as you are to start something new.

Don't ask too many questions, and don't just be there. Be funny, be interesting, and make the process fun and easy for them, just as you want the process to be for you.

Don't Forget The Simple Things (Trust Us)

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Women want to be intrigued and want a reason to continue talking to you. Nothing is worse than simple mistakes being made to turn a woman away. Recognize grammar mistakes and fix them. Don't misspell or use terms that might make a woman shrug with confusion or regret.

If you make plans, keep them. Don't cancel a conversation, a date, or both. Just as you want to be treated, a woman wants to be treated the same way. Getting the simple things right is important to allow a relationship to take place.

Don't - At Any Point - Make Her Wait

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Sometimes you don't know what to say. At other points, you might want to keep them guessing. Whatever stage of the relationship you may be at, however, don't make her wait. You should never let her doubt or second guess her decision to start messaging you.

If you want to keep them guessing - great. But do it in a way where you tell them you have a surprise for them or plans for a date that they will have to wait until it happens to know what they are. Don't make them wait for the simplest thing (a response), or you will be the one that ends up waiting.

Don't Overthink What You Are Sending

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Just like you shouldn't make a woman wait, don't overthink what you are doing. Do you want to wish them a good day? Do it. Do you want to take the next step and finally invite them on a date? Do it. Don't overthink what you want and just act.

Don't Be Needy In Any Step

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No matter how you feel that the process is going, don't be pushy. A woman is already giving you a chance by accepting messages or giving you her number. Just like it took you time to decide whether you wanted to pursue them, they need to make the same decision about you too.

But if you're already talking to them, you've already overcome the first barrier. Just be patient and let the relationship, or potential relationship, commence.

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