How To Ask Good Flirty Questions

A man and a woman on a date
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Salma Ahmed

Not every one of us has control of their flirt game, but even if you don't, we got your back!

There are many ways to flirt with someone you like, and for now, we will give you some examples of the art of flirting by asking questions; flirty ones, of course.

Cosmopolitan suggests this technique as one of the many ways to flirt. They also give an example of subtle flirting by asking your date/the person you like a question that its answer will reveal how much they like you.

Give Some Confidence

A man and a woman flirting
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We all like confidence, right? Well, as long as it doesn't go overboard. But do you know what's better than being confident? Making others feel confident about themselves. This will make you appear like a nice guy, and there is nothing wrong with adding a touch of flirtation.

So next time you like a girl and want to make your move, think of boasting her confidence by showing what YOU like about her.

You could ask: what quality do you like most about yourself? And then proceed to tell her what you like about her. Easy right?

Show That You Care

A couple flirting with each other
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Flirtation can definitely be accompanied by genuine feelings, and this is the best type of flirting.

Another way to ask flirty questions is to make the questions revolve around her. So try to ask: what is your dream job? And then add that you are interested in knowing more about her and what she likes and hope for.

So don't be afraid to show that you care and think she is interesting, and don't forget to introduce some flirtation to the mix.

Talk About Yourself, But Not Too Much

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Our next flirty questions are the ones where you compliment yourself subtly. If you made it clear that you are showing off, make sure to make it look like you are joking and not arrogant.

Arrogance won't make you win anything or anyone. Sorry, buddy.

You can ask her the top 3 qualities she is looking for in a guy. Then after she answers, say something like, "I got these qualities and more."

You can also ask her if she wants to kiss you, but only when you feel it is the right moment. Don't ask this right after you talked about a topic like the weather.

Never Too Late For Cuddling

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We understand that there are some out there who don't enjoy cuddling, and in this hot weather, we can't really blame them!

For those who like it, you could test the water and ask her what she prefers more, being the big spoon or the little spoon. A question like that will show her that you aren't the type to hide their feelings and avoid intimacy.

One more flirty question you could use is: do you like cuddling or kissing? And then say that you don't mind both. This will show her that you want to be close to her, but only through doing something that will be comfortable for both of you.

I'm The One

A couple on a date
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We are back again at mixing flirty questions with some confidence, and we love the following questions.

Let's say you are on a date and it's coming to an end; why don't you flirt by convincing your date that you are the one?

You could start by asking if she is willing to try new things. Most women's answers will be one of the following: yes, why, or it depends. Whatever the answer is, make your reply similar to "well, I'm a new thing, right?"

And to seal the deal, you can be straightforward and ask her if you're her type and before she answers, continue and say that you hope her answer is yes.

We hope these different types of flirty questions will help you with your crush!

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