Ice Breaker Questions That Work Well For Guys

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Ingrid Vasquez

Starting a relationship is tough. Getting to the first date can be more difficult. But, having the right ice breaker questions can make it a smooth process. Check out how you can break the ice with a potential partner.

Be The Funny Guy

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Anyone likes a good laugh. Getting a smile out of your romantic interest right away is the perfect solution. Be the funny guy. If your date is laughing, you will most often than not leave a good impression - and it can be something as simple as a knock-knock joke to an elaborate story.

Jack Hughes, a dating expert, breaks it down as a way of "alleviating the initial tension when first meeting a new person. And when it comes to first dates or encounters, there's plenty of awkward and nerve-wracking tension that stands in the way of building positive rapport with a woman".

Share A Little About Yourself But Be Sure To Listen

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Just as much as a joke, anyone loves a good story. If you think you're not funny, this might be your best option. When doing so, however, make sure to stay listening. Nothing is worse that a story that drags on for too long or a conversation that remains one-sided. Make sure your date is engaged, ask questions, and take pauses.

Do Something You Won't Do Everyday

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Anyone can go to a movie or dinner. If you think you aren't funny or are too anxious to hold a good conversation at dinner, make the date an activity A great place that is suggested is the park.

According to Hughes, a park date not only allows you to show physical prowess,

"but it also enables you to initiate some physical contact and release oxytocin. Pair that with the giddy, carefree feeling of hanging out at a playground, and you'll have her feeling high on endorphins too".

Go Back To Basics

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If your date has any pushback about the activity or might want to do something more intimate, games such as scrabble and truth or dare are great icebreakers.

According to Hughes, "by entering into a fun and competitive game, you can show her that you enjoy a stimulating game that engages her attention. Scrabble is a great choice because each word is a topic in and of itself. Plus, it's not awkward to have periods of silence as a courtesy to your date as she thinks up words to play in the game. The game of Truth or Dare is a great way to spice things up on a date and break the ice while learning something new about a girl.

It is Okay To Be Vulnerable

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While it might be intimidating, don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Let yourself go and ask and give questions and conversations with more depth. More specific questions you can ask include: "What was your best drop the mic moment?", "Do you believe in love at first sight?", "Would you say you are a spiritual person?", "What are your thoughts on reincarnation?", "Do you believe in life after death?"