MMA News: Henry Cejudo Gives Tips On How To Beat Jon Bon Jones

Jon Bon Jones
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Jon Conahan

Jon Bon Jones is one of the best MMA fighters that the world has ever seen. He currently is 26-1 and has 10 knockouts. Throughout his long MMA career, he holds many UFC records in the light heavyweight division, including the most title defenses, longest win streak, and most wins.

Many consider him to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the entire world and it would be extremely difficult to deny that.

Henry Cejudo Gives Him Plenty Of Respect

Henry Cejudo
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Although Jon Jones is nearly impossible to beat, Henry Cejudo says that it is possible to take him down.

Henry Cejudo says that Jon Jones could potentially be beaten, but he also gives him respect and realizes that he's one of the best to ever lace them up.

“I think Jon Jones could fight another 10 fights man, and retire undefeated,” said Cejudo. “I really do… That’s the fight that’s gonna happen (Jones vs. Miocic). That’s where you’re gonna be able to really see the creativity of Jon. If you really think about it, Stipe doesn’t really have that — yeah, he knocked out (Fabricio) Werdum, but Werdum kind of walked into that punch, but I don’t see Stipe with like, crazy knockout power. I think Stipe’s greatest gift is his endurance.”

How Does Cejudo Imagine Beating Jones?

Jon Jones
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Cejudo says that the only way to beat Jon Jones is by having power. However, most fighters don't have enough power for that.

“The way you beat a guy like Jon Jones, you’re gonna have to beat him with power. You’re gonna have to take risk, and that’s gonna be with power,” claimed Cejudo. “This is why Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones is a very dynamite fight because you have a technician… Jon Jones knows how to win. The only person that could really counter that is a guy that takes risks, someone who can throw out the kitchen sink. That’s the only way to beat Jon Jones. You won’t beat him with attack, counter-attack, anticipation. You’re not a better competitor than him. He’s the best competitor right now in the UFC, pound-for-pound, in any division.”

Who Has Beaten Jon Jones?

Jon Jones
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Considering that Jon Jones only has one loss throughout his career, it's pretty crazy to think about the guy he did lose to. The one loss in Jon Jones's career came from Matt Hamill.

When Is Jon Jones Next Fight?

Jon Jones
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Jon Jones is reportedly going to be fighting Stipe Miocic sometime in the near future. The date that he announced was July 2nd, but that hasn't been confirmed.